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Choosing the right technology for your business can dramatically help your business’ growth and affect your decision making positively

We offer a multi-functional enterprise solution that covers core business functions, including inventory and distribution management, production, and accounting. It supports sales, planning, customer service, Human Resources, logistics, CRM, and more. ERP organizes all your data within a single system. ERP enables smart and balanced decision-making process.

Electronic Payment is a financial exchange that takes place online between buyers and sellers.
The electronic payment system has grown increasingly over the last decades due to the growing spread of internet-based banking and shopping. As the world advances more with technology development, we can see the rise of electronic payment systems and payment processing devices. As these increase, improve, and provide ever more secure online payment transactions the percentage of check and cash transactions will decrease.

The Next Corporate solution is a web based application that enables e-payment services for corporate bank accounts without having to create conventional payment cards. The solution enables corporates to manage their bank accounts online form the comfort of their offices.
Using Next Corporate, organizations can pay their bills and transfer money between their accounts online.
One of the very important features provided by the solution is the ability to schedule payments and process payroll online without the need and effort for the redundant data entry.
Also the standard financial procedure was considered in the structure of the solution which means transactions cannot be processed unless it’s confirmed form the authorizer/supervisor.

The ESB Enables organizations to overcome complex integration hurdles and allows seamless communication among your applications, databases, partners, suppliers and other stakeholder, delivering unprecedented value to the enterprise.
It serves as a middleware tool used to distribute work among your connected application components .

An advanced cashless fuel retail solution helps you to redefine the fuelling experience of your customers. With this solution in place, you can make your fuelling process fast, convenient, and secure. Have a look at the below video where we have explained in detail about the working mechanism of this solution along with its benefits and advantages.

A very creative application through which you can track all your assets (generators, containers for sea transport or land transport) (cars, motorcycles, boats, bicycles) Living things (pets, wild animals, birds, children) The application serves all groups of commercial and industrial civil society, especially those working in the field of transportation and fleet management. For the purpose of controlling and monitoring it 24 hours a day, with automatic reporting of any movement of vehicles outside the path or a predetermined geographical area, and controlling everything in the vehicle from fuel to tire air, vehicle temperature, air conditioner, switch engine and door monitoring with a simple yet advance dashboard helps to keep user updated on the fleet in just 15 seconds. All vital information are listed in this single dashboard.