Digital Transformation Workshop

Khartoum, October 8, 2019 Next Technology organized a workshop for the digital transformation of banks, and compliance with the requirements of the global International cards issuers, with the participation of a large number of experts and bankers in Sudan, the workshop stressed on the necessity of the digital transformation of banks in order to keep up with global digital transformation and all forms of electronic payment.

Muhammad Al-Khair Idris, director of Next Technology Company, confirmed that the purpose of the workshop is to enlighten the banking sector with the requirements of the next stage, He pointed out that reforming the economy and making a transformation in it is one of the biggest challenges of the stage, and the banking system is considered the spearhead in the transformation process, Also Mr. Mohamed referred to the company’s efforts in providing consultancy as a specialist in the digital economy.

The Jordanian expert in banking networking, Rami Idris, gave a presentation on the transition towards global electronic card systems, and the position of the indicators of electronic payment systems at the Arab level, He noted that Sudan occupies an advanced position in the network spread commensurate with the number of its population, and praised the role of the Central Bank in creating banking technology, Ramy also highlighted the need to provide additional distinguished financial services to maintain customers and attract others.

The workshop also reviewed a number of models related to cash and electronic payment, and the importance of electronic payment in maintaining financial security from thefts and other risks, it also  highlighted samples of smart cards and their specificities at the global level.